NX CAM is Siemens PLM Software’s comprehensive solution for NC programming. NX CAM powers innovation and productivity through an integrated platform of CAD, CAM, and data management. It is the best CAM solution available in the world which is well integrated with CAD.

NX CAM 3 Axis Machining

This package is configured for the die and mould market. It addresses:

  • 2 ½ axis milling and drilling
  • 3 axis milling including surface contour milling.

Create in NX CAD or Solid Edge and then user NX CAM to make the die/mould or the part itself from a solid piece of metal.

Register for the course in case you want to use machine tool to deliver higher productivity using CAM software. With the course you can join tool-rooms or production department where CNC machines are used.

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We offer Siemens certified, following course on CAM to cover 3 axis milling

  • NX – Manufacturing Fundamentals