Computer Aided Design (CAD) starts from a simple sketch. Drafting or 2-dimensional drawing is the stepping stone for learning complex CAD/CAM/CAE world.

Since past several decades, engineering and product design concepts are being communicated via 2D sketches and drawings, an era associated with drafting boards.
With the introduction of computers the activity of creating design drawings and sketches moved from drafting boards to computers.


In order to increase the design productivity and to understand technical documents, it is necessary to learn Computer-Aided-Drafting.

We offer drafting course on AutoCAD for the students and professionals from the following discipline;

      • Engineering – mechanical, civil, production, industrial, environmental and electronics
      • Manufacturing
      • Architectural
      • Interior design
      • Fashion design
      • Furniture and consumer product design
      • Textile design
      • Tool design

AutoCAD is one the most popular drafting software and its knowledge is essential to make career in the area of design and general technical tasks.

Kadkraft is one of the oldest CAD company in North India in the business of AutoCAD training and support since 1991. Leading manufacturing companies, architects and construction companies have taken our help to deploy AutoCAD in their organisations.

Our training is not merely menu-driven but a hand-holding exercise to train you to make the most detailed production drawings of house plan.
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