Product design involving CAD/CAM/CAE has been adopted by almost all the leading companies, across the globe. The next level of efficiencies can be attained by simulating manufacturing processes. Such simulations will help in optimising the process parameters to control manufacturing defects and to improve the tool/die life.

Simufact.forming is a global leader for manufacturing simulation. It simulates a wide variety of metal-forming processes like;

  • Hot forging
  • Cold forming
  • Rolling
  • Ring-rolling
  • Extrusion
  • Sheet-forming
  • Mechanical joining
  • Heating and cooling

The software is being widely used in the forging industries and other similar sectors like hand-tools, structural sheet components, net-shape components, fasteners etc.The course can add a unique skill set to your CAD/CAM knowledge to cover die-design and material flow simulation for metal-forming operations.

We offer the following courses

  • Simufact.welding for welding simulation
  • Simufact.forming for hot-forging and cold forming processes
This training is available only at Chandigarh center.