KISSsoft is globally the most widely used gear box and transmission design software. In India leading automotive and industrial gearbox companies use KISSsoft to enhance their design productivity to make quieter gear-boxes.

CAD/CAM courses are essential courses but are being done by everyone. In case you want to stand out then join specialised courses on KISSsoft which will enhance the depth of your skill-set to build your career in the area of transmission design.

Be it designing any kind of gear or selection of the right bearing or shaft calculation, the course will prepare you for automotive transmission or gearbox design.

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Put your career in the top gear by joining the following KISSsoft courses

  • KISSsoft – Basic gear and shaft design
  • KISSsoft – Advanced gear design
  • KISSsys – Basic gear box modelling and analysis
This training is available only at Chandigarh center.