As a picture is worth thousand words, similar to that a 3-dimensional model is worth several drawings to describe it.


3D modelling provides several advantages over 2D, some of the significant ones are;

  • Visualisation – one can view the product or part in 3D for better understanding
  • Automatic 2D creation  – while one can concentrate on design, the drafting is done automatically.
  • Easy editing  – Use of parametric and synchronous technology one can easily change the model and the drawings compared to manual editing of 2D drawings
  • Mass-properties – Calculation of mass, volume and surface area of is possible in 3D for costing estimation
  • Assembly fitment- Proper parts fitment can be tested in a 3D model to detect the under-sized or over-sized parts unlike in 2D
  • Automatic BOM – 3D assembly model can automatically calculate the BOM which gets automatically gets updated with design change, this is not possible in 2D where one has to manually create the BOM.

Siemens NX CAD is the global leader in automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery segment. It is used for advanced parts, assembly and surfacing modeling. The solution is well integrated to NX Nastran and NX CAM suite of analysis and manufacturing solutions respectively. In case you want to make a career in high-tech design industry then NX is the right choice for you.

In case you want to join the widely prevalent SME and general engineering industry or machine design then Solid Edge is the right course for you. Solid Edge has some of the industry leading features on sheet-metal, large assembly performance, analysis and editing of imported 3D data.

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Kadkraft provides you the following Siemens certified courses;

NX CAD (Unigraphics/UG)

  • NX – Essentials for NX Designers
  • NX – Sketcher Fundamentals
  • NX – Drafting Essentials
  • NX – Synchronous Modeling Fundamentals
  • NX – Synchronous Modeling & Parametric Design
  • NX – Basic Design for Exp CAD Users
  • NX – Sheet Metal
  • NX – Intermediate NX Design & Assemblies Solid Edge

Siemens Solid Edge

  • SE- Fundamentals
  • SE- Fundamentals with ST
  • SE- Assembly
  • SE- Surfacing
  • SE- Sheet Metal