Simufact.forming is an established software product for the simulation of industrial forming processes. The software covers the complete spectrum of forming technologies and guarantees a realistic portrayal of the processes with full 3D functionality and 3D representation of all tools & parts.

The software considers, amongest others

  • The actual kinematics of a machine, no matter what type or how complex it might be
  • Material behavior – elasticity, plasticity, increase and decrease of strain hardening as well as temperature and velocity related effects
  • Friction and contact between tools and forming parts
  • Self-contact of forming parts to predict folds
  • Thermodynamics of the process: initial heating conditions, heat transfer into tools and environment, temperature increase due to forming energy and friction, etc.

High quality results are guaranteed since Simufact.forming is based on MSC.Software’s first class standard solvers MSC.Marc – the high-end finite element solver for nonlinear applications – and MSC.Dytran – the powerful finite volume solver. Both products are continuously being enhanced, and we integrate them into new Simufact product versions. The solver technologies enable the representation of complex nonlinear physics of the forming process with high precision.

Key Benefits
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Best result quality
  • Best material data
  • No limitation in the Kinematics. Any process can be build up.
  • Based on the best known and optimized commercial solver technology
  • Microstructure analysis to optimize the forging strategy
  • No limitation in size and weight of the work piece
  • Special interface for cogging operations
  • Optimize material usage
  • Increase tool life
  • Reduce flash material
  • Reduce scrap
  • Less shop-floor trials
  • Inside view of the process for better understanding
  • Material properties,
  • Forming characteristics
  • Die analysis


Product Portfolio – Modular Concept

Simufact.forming follows a modular design. This modular concept of Simufact products helps you to pick out the relevant product functionality that fits your needs. This approach is cost-effective and adjusts to changing requirements.

The software┬┤s Application Modules make available the process-specific functionality for all essential fields of application of forming simulation. The functionalities of the application modules allow for the simulation of individual process steps and can also be combined to simulate entire manufacturing process chains.


Use Simufact to simulate metal-forming, welding and heat treatment processes
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