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KISSsoft is a software package to perform sizing calculations for machine elements. The gears are the central element in the transmission. In addition, shafts, bearings, connecting elements, springs, as welhrl as chains/belts can also be calculated. KISSsoft is rounded out by supplementary modules performing such tasks as tolerance calculations and conversions between different hardness systems.

  • Gears
  • Shafts & Bearings
  • CAD interfaces
  • KISSsys
  • GPK
Sizing calculations are available for all common gear types (cylindrical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, helical gears, hypoid gears, and crown gears). For cylindrical gears, the software also works with planetary sets and gear racks. In addition to a feature for reviewing calculations with respect to standards (ISO, DIN, AGMA, VDI, Klingelnberg), the program also offers a number of different design and optimization functions. Advanced Tooth Contact Analysis and its use for profile modification estimation is one of the strength of the software. Accurate generation of 3D models of all types of gears allows for upstream use like direct machining of 5 spiral bevel gears on 5 axis milling machine. Know More
Sizing calculations for shafts and bearings are integrated, i.e., a built-in graphic shaft editor uses the defined shaft geometry, mounting and loads as a basis for performing sizing calculations for roller and friction bearings, for verifying strength according to DIN or FKM standards, and for calculating bending lines, buckling loads, rpms critical to bending and torsional behavior, tooth profile deformation of shaft-mounted gears, and curves for power, force and mechanical stress. Software comes with a comprehensive bearing database from leading companies like SKF, Koyo, FAG etc. One can optimise the shaft and do bearing selection based on required service life.

Other machine elements calculation available are for screws, bolts, shaft-hub connection, spline, springs, chains and belts Know More

KISSsoft allows export of gear profile in 2D dxf format and accurate 3D models in STEP and Parasolid format. Direct translators are available for all common CAD software like Solid Edge, Solidworks, Inventor, NX, Catia and Pro/E. Flyer CAD
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A complete system of machine elements can be depicted in KISSsys. KISSsys calculates the power flow and manages links between the various values. For the strength calculation of individual machine elements KISSsys uses calculation modules from KISSsoft; for detailed definition of machine elements the system also relies on KISSsoft. Calculation results are available in tabular and graphic form in KISSsys, which provides you with an overview of strength and service life of all elements in your design, at any time.

Thanks to these system-inclusive calculations, internationally KISSsys is at the forefront of technical development in machine design. System models can be custom-tailored to internal company requirements; this is why KISSsys is already being used successfully by a wide variety of companies, for example by manufacturers of wind turbines, automobiles, by gear motor manufacturers, in precision engineering, and in shipbuilding.
With GPK the design engineer finally has the right tool for the sizing, optimisation and rating of industrial gearboxes. Instead of working with several, independent calculations, the whole gearbox is modelled and the analysis is performed for all gears, shafts and bearing simultaneously. The resulting geometry can be exported to CAD systems such as Inventor, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, ProE, Catia via a step file. This allows for closer cooperation between analysis and design, eliminating time consuming and error prone manual data exchange between CAE and CAD software.

Integrated into gearbox package GPK is a cost analysis which allows the design engineer to do cost-analysis during initial gearbox design. Comprehensive reporting functions ensure design documentation according to the current quality standards. GPK also supports the sales engineer as it permits for re-analysis of an existing gearbox using customer specific data within minutes. This puts the sales engineer in the favourable situation that he can answer technical questions quickly and precisely. All calculations used within gearbox package GPK are using the well known and well trusted KISSsoft software and follow the current DIN/ISO/AGMA standards. This ensures that all calculations performed will be readily accepted by both internal and external customers. Currently, multiple stage helical gearboxes and multiple stage bevel-helical gearboxes are available, further types will follow.

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