Send us your model in STL, OBJ, STEP and parasolid format and we will print it and deliver it to your door-step.
Whether you are a student or a hobbyst or a professional, print in 3d your idea to impress the world. All connected to the following are welcome;

  • Architecture – you will like to showcase your new plan in 3D
  • Toys – want to check out new toys or a figurine
  • House hold items – check out new shapes of crockery or soap stand
  • Art – want to design a piece of an artistic fixture
  • Jewellery – try out funky jewellery accessory to go with your dress
  • Technical model – scientist or engineers can make working models
  • Plastic parts in limited quantities

Model specifications:

Maximum build size : 28 L x 15 W x 15 H cm
11.0 L x 6.0 W x 6.0 H inches

Bigger size model can be printed in parts and then joined with an adhesive like Elfy or Fevikwik
Accuracy of 100 microns
Printed models can be also painted using acrylic paints.
With Z pause option we can print model in layers of different colours.
Call at 98140 21311 or visit us for further details.

Get the car of your desire on your desk

Download exciting car models from the site Grabcad in get it 3D printed in the colour of your choice and showcase it in your work-place


  • ‘Received the part, nicely done’ – Sandeep from Kolkata
  • ‘We have received the product and we are very happy with the printing quality’ NS from Pune
  • ‘We received the box and it has come out as expected although the finish is somewhat rough but that’s due to PLA process’ VS from Bangalore
  • ‘I have been able to use the pieces you sent me very well, my prototype has come out perfectly. It was accurately made and i am very satisfied with your work’ MS from Saharanpur

Note: All model images are copyright of the respective owners, details are available at