Pursuing  engineering degree has always been always appreciated  in the society and by relatives, more so if it is from a good engineering college. The student also feels unstoppable and feels  top of the world during the college years. The college years are then gone in an instant and the hard reality of  struggling to get even a decent job brings the world crashing  down. We will discuss this in detail in another blog posting but for now I would like to mention some facts which a student should consider while planning his/her career.

In case one wants to have successful and rewarding career and wants to do a job instead of becoming an entrepreneur, then following type of companies should be on the top of their list to have a good future (we will limit our discussion to engineering based companies only);

  1. Excellent Product companies : All those companies who have successful products in their portfolio and have a very strong R&D setup to churn out one successful product after other are a safe bet. Such companies thrive on innovative R&D and are assured of great future unless some  serious management mal-function happens. Therefore we should think of joining companies which have high R&D expenditure.  Software companies which launch new or fresh-approach based products, companies which are working on the latest gadgets or chemical processes or on any new technology  should give you a good start. Please be cautioned that companies which are technology oriented can also suddenly go out of business in case their core technology does not gain traction.
  1. Excellent marketing companies : All those companies which have good products to offer, may not be the best one but are having an excellent sales and marketing machine, also become  immensely successful.  All such companies would be highly visible to all and well known due to their marketing campaign and should be also considered as a good option for any engineering graduate.
  1. Niche business companies : Such companies may not be a big corporation but will have some very special and unique products and services to offer. Their offering are highly expertise oriented and are in business line which offers sizable revenue which is not attractive for bigger companies. Such small and medium size companies are confident of their small domain expertise and continue to get business from much bigger companies.
  1. Start-up : Such small companies are started due to a new idea and lot of hard work goes to make it successful. The engineer may have to work harder  compared to other jobs but in case the start-up becomes successful then the sky is the limit.  Being a small sized operation, one has more freedom to test his idea and can become an indispensable part of the company which one can never aspire for a bigger company.  All the initial staff will have the maximum promotion and growth opportunity once their start-up becomes successful.