With IT industry relishing the cream of  students from non-IT engineering branches,  the core manufacturing and infrastructure industry is left gasping for man-power which can deliver.

Based on my experience with our business domain,  I would like to mention few job opportunities which exist for students if they work for it. This article will be of interest to Mechanical, Production , Metallurgy and even student of Physics.

Forging and metal-forming industry : The design and production environment of forging companies is very demanding and critical. With nearly 400 leading companies located in India (including the global number 1 – Bharat Forge, Pune), this industry segment can be a good career option. Engineer should be well versed with material properties, metal-forming principles , CAD/CAM, metal-forming simulation, engineering  fundamentals.

Transmission Design : Selling gear box design software to almost all the leading Indian companies has brought fore the fact the acute shortage of mechanical engineers knowing gear design fundamentals, machine design, dynamic behavior of machines, material science and CAD  and CAE (computer aided-engineering and analysis), knowledge of ISO, DIN and AGMA standards of machine design elements like gears, shafts and bearing  can be fruitful.  Such skill sets can get you a rewarding career with companies related to  gearbox, steel, cranes, vehicles, tractors and any industry where motion is an integral part of the product. Making a wild guess there would be nearly 500 big, small and medium companies requiring such man-power.

Tool making : As per an American survey some years ago, tool designer was rated as one of the top 10 essential jobs and it can offer a good growth potential in case you are willing to learn the tricks of the trade. Specially suited for Tool room graduates, production and mechanical engineering students, if one is good then there are small and medium companies which can give you the initial break and you can spend as much time you want to learn it.

CAD/CAM industry : There are several companies which operate in CAD/CAM space which can give a good career path. Some of the job profiles that exists are in sales and marketing of CAD/CAM/CAE software. There are nearly 300 companies located in India in CAD/CAE/CAM software related to mechanical, production, industrial, civil, electrical,  electronics,  chemical engineering that by combining the engineering knowledge with that of the software, one can rapidly rise in the industry. The pre-requisite for such a job are good communication/presentation skills  and knowing the software relevant to your engineering discipline.  Such companies are always short of sales staff so try it out. Another job profile is to work as a CAD/CAE engineer whose job is to work to use the software for client’s task and to offer software related technical support and training. There are nearly 500 such companies in India who require engineers who are good at CAD/CAE skills. This require machine design fundamentals, finite element analysis and the relevant  specialized software knowledge.

For all the jobs mentioned above, knowing CAD/CAM/CAE software is essential coupled with good engineering knowledge. Do not feel great in case you have learnt a 2D software as the journey has just begin, seek out advanced software from second year onwards to become a good practitioner of such software.

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