Innovation as per Oxford dictionary means a new method or product.  It could be also improving design an existing product.  Here onwards interpretation becomes subjective. Some would like to add  a new feature,  make the product lighter or even make it ergonomically better.

With the industrial world steaming ahead with its unbounded consumption of energy, one often starts wondering on how long such guzzling can be sustained. Be it machinery, automobiles, electronic items, computers, laptops, mobile phones, aeroplanes and countless of other man-made inventions, all keep on consuming energy to make our life wonderful, bearable with the illusion of living a modern lifestyle.  The  frentic hunt for fossile energy and research on alternative energy resources indicate the fragile nature of  our living.

This brings again back to the meaning of innovation in the current scenario. In today’s world innovation means a product which delivers but consumes less energy. Energy footprint of a product consists of the following;

  • Energy to make the product than earlier.
  • Energy  to reach the consumer.
  • Energy to work till it is retired or discarded.
  • Energy required to recycle it.

There are products which take good amount of energy to be manufactured and thereafter to function.  As an innovator or engineer or designer we need to optimize the energy consumption or the carbon/energy footprint of a product.  For this it is essential to use computer simulation tools to optimize the manufacturing processes to lower cost of manufacturing. FEA/CAE tools are required to produce less energy consuming design which has less number of moving parts or lighter in weight.

Computer simulation software barring a crazy idea flash in one’s mind are the method available to meet this objective. Using manufacturing simulation software like Tecnomatix, Simufact, JACK, Factory CAD and few others are available to simulate what-if situation to innovate products and processes.

We urge all B.Tech/B.E, M.Tech and Ph.D  students and professionals to make Indian products efficient and progressive.

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