Continuing with my earlier post, I would like to mention something relevant to engineering students from any engineering branch who want to make a career in computer programming, computer application and software building. The opinion mentioned here are my personal opinion and you can choose to agree, dis-agree, get upset or restless or decide to ignore it.

There is a term called ROI – Return on Investment,  which essentially means the extent of  result achieved from the amount of efforts put in. Notwithstanding if someone is very interested in certain area however mundane/ordinary it is, one can become a success driven purely by his interest. But in case one is dis-passionately open to any career option as long as it leads to success then read on.

With IT ruling the roost and providing enough room for engineers from any discipline – civil, electrical, mechanical, metallurgy, aeronautical or even chemical, one should pause and re-think if  coding jobs will do justice to their potential and result in higher ROI for the career. With so many engineers joining the coding career, it is easy to get lost in the crowd and one has to dis-proportionately put in higher efforts to out-shine others. So in my opinion coding is an extremely safe bet but with low ROI.  One can spend 2,5,10 or even 15 years bent before the computer screen and type away endless codes, not a very inspiring sight after the initial 1-3 years of euphoria of coming up with a coding masterpiece. It would be pertinent to mention here that all the time one spend in his/her cubicle also keep one away from enjoying nature – sun-shine, cool breeze, meeting people from diverse back-ground or to even have a peek at the massive industry shop-floors (some may not agree on such stuff, accepted).

The alternatives are as follows;

1.   Business Intelligence : With massive amount of digital data being generated on the organisation servers, to make sense or to extract intelligence from such data has become very important. It is same as if you are lost in a bazaar but once you  take an aerial view you are able to make some sense from the chaos and then act accordingly. The field is called BI – Business Intelligence which means to extact information from the vast amount of data, more information can be had from Wikipedia . This will allow one to use existing available software tools to get meaningful information which is worth a fortune for any company. So it would be a good idea to invest in training on Data Analytics and other relevant courses.

2.  Software development v/s Application implementation: It would be more prudent to apply available software tools to implement solutions instead of investing in coding for a software tool itself. A smart engineer can integrate the available tools to provide a cost-effective solution, exceeding company’s expectations to get his/her moment of glory. There is no end to writing codes, so think of  the ROI that one get trough such a route. In my opinion company will pay more for the solution to their problems instead of adding some new features to the standard database and desktop application packages.

3.  Engineering know-how coupled with IT: It is often though that the big IT companies who are hiring bright engineers from non-IT engineering trades are in fact depriving other sectors of the brilliant talent. Engineers from non IT/Software degrees should couple their domain know-how with computers to give a solution that the industry needs.  Accelerating the engineering output using software a tool will give immediate benefits – more work done in less time, more alternatives being evaluated and to reduce the time to serve customer of  an organisation will give more bang out of the buck for one’s career. Such field can do wonders for female engineers who do not have to expose themselves to the tough industrial environment. Imagine the output multiplier effect that CAD (Computer-aided-design) software can bring to and engineer from civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics or any other traditions field. So look for the IT solutions available for your core degree and invest accordingly.

So take a pause, think, explore and acquire skills to which can compel companies to give you a bright career on a platter.

2 thoughts on “Career options for engineers – Part 2

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    1. Dear Madam,
      There are two kind of persons in the job market, first ones are those how are ambitious and love to work for big companies and then may be later become entrepreneurs making it big. Second one are kind of people who want to enjoy life and will not be disappointed in case they are lagging behind their peers.

      Work from home allows you to keep pace with your life and especially if you have two young children to take care of. But there are still some high quality work that can be done from home which will allow you to get more income from the same time spent.

      Who knows you may have more talent in you to do some great jobs from the comforts of your home, the way the business is growing, there is huge demand for good people whether they work from office or homes.

      Thanks and regards,

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